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There is an attorney in North Carolina that is aggressive, knowledgeable, has a top notch staff, returns phone calls and e-mails promptly, and gets results. The sooner you call, the sooner I can help you. Call me today!

After you are charged with DWI, you are confronted with an unpleasant truth: anyone who drinks and drives is subject to arrest, whether or not they are actually affected by alcohol, but being charged does not mean being convicted- That's where I come in.

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Marcus' Approach

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In my 25 years of practice, I have uncovered mistakes that people often make in dealing with the police, and discovered many mistakes that the police have made. Though it may be too late to "unring the bell"for you, these can help you understand arguments I might make and the best way to deal with the police. I know you don't know what I am about to tell you, but don't worry- there is always a way I can help you!

Do Not Answer This Door

How to Deal with the Police at Your Door

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Don't worry- there will not be a test! I will walk with you through the minefield of complexities, and help you work through it as easily as possible. You will know what to do, where to go, when to arrive, what to bring... everything you need to know to get through this thicket. I will be your guide- I've been walking this road with people like you for 25 years.

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What Happens After a DWI Arrest?

Don't you wish you could have known what to do at each stage in the process to avoid all of the bad consequences of an arrest, and to minimize your chances of being convicted? Though for some it may be too late, here's hoping I can help someone be better prepared when the blue lights come on in their rear view mirror.

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In our state and in most of the United States, a drivers license is necessary to work and to live the life we all want. I am proactive in keeping you on the road legally- we will explore all the alternatives to retaining your privilege to drive. Of course, having a privilege to drive is not much help when you can't afford insurance- I'll help you there too!

We are a full service team, and we will help you find the expert help that you need in addition to our services.. Here you will find a list of treatment providers and attorneys that I think highly of. We work closely with treatment professionals in order to get the best help for our clients. You should talk to a team member before choosing someone to help you in any aspect of your case. We will work with whomever you choose to get you what you need.

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I have the best team in North Carolina, and they make all of my successes possible. I work closely with them on every case. They need to understand the plan in your case and your needs so that they can help get you the result you need. Of course, anything you tell any member of the team is kept in the strictest confidence, so that you can feel completely safe in being totally honest with any of us. We also work closely with many other professionals, from therapists to body shops, so that we can help you with all of the issues related to your charges.

Throughout my years in the law, I have been occasionally favored with articles or interviews. I try to get out our side of the story: everyone who gets charged with DWI is not evil! I never court these stories in any persons case, and do not give interviews or make statements about my cases without my client's permission. Here are some stories that have been written about my team and my practice.

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